Non-functioning cluster lights for Nissan R35 GT-R.

Non working cluster light on your R35 Nissan Gt-r.

With professional soldering equipment, we can replace the back lightneing in the cluster, and it will be better quality compared to the original. Reed more about it here....

New hoster and new homepage.

After major problems with our previous web hosting provider with email and web space, we have now changed supplier. We now hope for a safer and more reliable operation.

Welcome to our new website and our new blog.

Want to inform you that the website is still under construction.


Read some about us...

We offer service on any kind of car, full racing cars, performance cars or standard cars. Parts from all over the world.

Our speciality is JDM cars and Nissan.

The establishing of the company as it is today at FVK Engineering started around 2000 with a bet between friends, it was said that that it was impossible to import the R33 model of the skyline. And one of the founders 'Klaus Schöps' said that he would be the first one to import and registrate it to Sweden, and so he did and he was the first one to own a registred R33 GTS Type-M.


The big interest of Japanese perfomance car started here for the 2 of the founders 'Klaus Schöps' and 'Viktor Nordstedt'. Today FVK Engineering is one of Swedens leading companys in tuning Nissan Skyline. FVK Engineering have been shearer in allot of successful Japanese tuning projects, you can see some of them here.


FVK Engineerings motto is above all quality and precision.

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E-post: mail@fvk-engineering.com Tel: +46 (0) 735955720 Orgnummer: 556824-1367

Link Engine Management Systems

As a reseller of Link Engine Management Systems, we can even help with installation and pogramming of the software.